NFP Course Offerings

technology and music courses for kids and adults!

About the Courses

All of the courses on offer are designed to work well for indivduals or for community groups. The same courses are on offer for both kids and adults.

The courses are conducted as six 90 minute modules and where and when they're conducted is very flexible. Each course consists of an in person presentation and a hands-on exploration of the topic, followed by multiple online interactive components.


The focus here is on getting kids involved! These curriculum aligned courses utilise the same course outline as for the adult courses, but the projects and examples are carefully selected to suit the interests of kids. From Web Development to Game Programming, there's something on offer to fire their imaginations and help them start creating real world software! CODING FOR KIDS courses can be run at your local community centre or as private after school tuition.

There are new courses being added often, so please check back regularly. Below are the currently available courses.

What's On Offer?

You can also download a PDF of each currently available course:

  • Web Design and Development - (download PDF)
  • Indroduction to Programming - (download PDF)
  • Indroduction to Game Programming - (download PDF)