Web Design and Development

Course NFPWDD001

Course Requirements

Students should have had experience using a modern computer and web browser, no other knowledge is required. Students will need access to any computer system that can run a text editor and a web browser. All software used is freely available online.

(Total course length: appr. 6hrs (4 X 90min) + online installments)


This Web Design course takes absolute beginners to the level of being able to design and build Web projects, from initial ideas, to creating fully functioning sites. The course is split into two main sections, with a classroom presentation, followed by online installments for students to complete on a weekly basis. The classroom presentation is approximately 4.5 hrs duration and provides all the information needed for the student to design and build their own website. However, this subject is very broad and practice makes perfect! So... Following from the classroom presentation the project started by the students will be completed in online lesson installments with each lesson building further on previous knowledge. The instructor will be available via email for ongoing assistance to make sure everybody gets to successfully complete the class project.


This Web Design course will provide participants with a solid overview of the Internet and the World Wide Web and will set them on a path to designing and building their own web based projects. In the first section of the course we’ll cover the history of the Internet and the World Wide Web and have a brief look at how the technology operates. We’ll take a look at the building blocks of Web pages (HTML, CSS and more) and the tools of the trade. There’ll be plenty of examples and opportunities for hands on coding - the best way to learn! The final two sections of the course will focus on practical examples of Website design and the initial implementation of our own Web project. This project will spring to life from ideas provided by the group and it will be designed and built from scratch. The students will then follow along with weekly online lesson presentations as their project is built and developed into something they can use as a real website.


The course is designed as a complete introduction for any students wishing to gain the knowledge required for designing and building websites. No previous knowledge of Web technology is required, and it’s assumed students have never built a website before.


The presentation portion of the course will be conducted by Nick Fletcher, a freelance web developer and programmer with 10 years+ experience. The course is mostly interactive and real-world examples are used to help students gain a broad understanding of the topic. The finer details of the topic will be learnt during the following weeks of the presentation where the students will receive weekly online presentations on how to continue the work started in the class. Nick will also be available via email to help with any aspects needing clarification.

Following is a more detailed outline of the in person presentation class

SECTION 1 (120min)

History of the Internet
  • A look at the earliest days of the Internet and the reasons for it coming into existence.
  • From its beginnings to what we have now, we’ll see some of the main stages the Internet and the World Wide Web passed through.
Machine Communication
  • We’ll explore various Internet and Web protocols and see what makes the WWW tick!
Introduction to HTML and CSS
  • The computer languages HTML and CSS are the backbone of any website. This introduction to them will give you your first look at what constitutes a webpage.

SECTION 2 (120min)

Building Websites
  • We’ll take a deeper look at HTML and CSS.
  • Websites run on more than just desktop computers and we’ll cover some important considerations for dealing with mobile versions of your websites.
  • Here, we’ll look at basic design principles (typography, colour and layouts).
  • Handling user interaction is a BIG part of Web design and we’ll dip a toe in the water here and meet Javascript.

SECTION 3 (120min)

Making Apps
  • Take a more detailed look at Javascript and how it interacts with your web page.
  • We’ll see how browser can be your biggest allies when things don’t seem to be working correctly. Learn to use the browser as a helpful tool.
  • Look at some great online resources to help you find the information you need.
  • Decide on a project and begin work on it. From there, the project will be completed in stages via online presentations and correspondence.

Download Course Outlines

  • Web Design and Development - (download PDF)
  • Indroduction to Programming - (download PDF)
  • Indroduction to Game Programming - (download PDF)