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About Me

Since I was a child I've been an avid computer user and programmer. I'm fascinated with how things work and computers are no exception, for me. I've been developing websites for the last ten years and during that time it's been an enjoyable challenge keeping up with the latest trends and technologies!
In the production of your website, I'll take my passion for web development and deliver a website that exactly meets your requirements. To me, the most important thing is to turn your ideas and requirements into a reality.

The Process

  1. You'll fill out a brief questionnaire online.
  2. I'll correspond with you about the finer details of what you want.
  3. Initial ideas and mockups will be provided.
  4. You'll decide on the path to take based on presented mock ups.
  5. During the building process, you'll have access to your site online.
  6. Upon completion to your satisfaction, you'll be provided with all of the files and assets of your website for upload to your server.